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Community and Health Awareness brought to you by Bexar County Health Collaborative...
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An exciting and innovative game for Kids that helps them learn what a healthy snack option is. Visit Us

Visit the Community Health Bridge to access over 500 resources that are available throughout Bexar County and surrounding areas. The CHB is an excellent site for the public, professionals, and anyone who needs to find a program to assist them. Visit Us

ImmuniZe San Antonio is Bexar County's Immunization Collaborative, which consists of over 40 volunteer organizations and very passionate individuals who advocate to increase the immunization rates in San Antonio. Click on our page to find out more on our partners and to preview our annual Provider Conference! Visit Us

The Health Collaborative has proudly provided this free comprehensive health assessment to the community since 1997 with financial support of our board members and local partners. Our mission is to improve the health status of our community through collaborative means and thanks to the continued support of partners like you, our city is being transformed. We are glad to announce this year the health assessment is interactive; feel free to jump to information that pertains to you specifically or browse through and see the status of your county. Visit Us

A program of The Health Collaborative with its intent on decreasing the prevalence of overweight and obese youth. It's a team effort that includes all of our member organizations, the schools, our volunteers and most especially you as the parents of our children. Visit Us

The San Antonio Health Literacy Initiative is a volunteer organization that offers year-round programming to increase the health literacy of San Antonio. Our goal is to empower our community and enhance the quality of care from physicians and medical staff. Ask us about our trainings for medical staff and community events!
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The Young Minds Matter program is a initiative of the Youth Mental Health Council. The YMM strives to reduce the stigma of mental illness while empowering the community to have readily accessible mental health resources. Visit our page to find out how you can make a difference in a Young Mind. Visit Us

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